Led Street Light GD-SL68 Series

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Waterproof Led Roadway Street Light 100W


  • Below price is based on EXW.
  • Payment: By T/T.
  • The shipping date will be 1-4 weeks depends on quantity after confirmed the payment.
  • If any other special requirements,please inform us before you confirm the order.
  • ZH driver 3 years warranty, the others 5 years warranty, Photos only for reference.
  • Price in Grey color is optional but not standard.


  • Project lighting, outdoor use. IP65
  • Car Park, Garden, Park,  Sport Yard, Plaza
  • Replacement for sodium lamp


Model LEDs Warranty LED Driver Input Voltage
SL68(MINI)-20W (Lumiled3030) 48 5 Years  Meanwell HLG-40H 90-305VAC
SL68(MINI)-30W (Lumiled3030) 48 5 Years Meanwell HLG-40H 90-305VAC
SL68(MINI)-40W (Lumiled3030) 48 5 Years Meanwell HLG-40H 90-305VAC
SL68(S)-50W (Lumiled3030) 72 5 Years Meanwell HLG-60H 90-305VAC
SL68(S)-60W (Lumiled3030) 72 5 Years Meanwell HLG-60H 90-305VAC
SL68(S)-60W (Lumiled3030) 72 5 Years Meanwell ELG-075 176-305VAC
SL68(S)-70W (Lumiled3030) 108 5 Years Meanwell HLG-80H 90-305VAC
SL68(S)-80W (Lumiled3030) 108 5 Years Meanwell HLG-80H 90-305VAC
SL68(S)-90W (Lumiled3030) 108 5 Years Meanwell HLG-100H 90-305VAC
SL68(M)-90W (Lumiled3030) 144 5 Years Meanwell HLG-100H 90-305VAC
SL68(M)-100W (Lumiled3030) 144 5 Years Meanwell HLG-100H 90-305VAC
SL68(M)-120W (Lumiled3030) 144 5 Years Meanwell HLG-120H 90-305VAC
SL68(L)-150/160W (Lumiled3030) 180 5 Years Meanwell HLG-150H 90-305VAC
SL68(L)-180W (Lumiled3030) 240 5 Years Meanwell HLG-185H 90-305VAC
SL68(L)-200W (Lumiled3030) 240 5 Years Meanwell HLG-240H 90-305VAC


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