LED Street Lights GD-6009 Series

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LED Street Lights: 120Watt 8 Years Warranty LED Street Lights Retrofit Kits

High-Performance LED Street Light

Illuminate your streets with superior efficiency and durability using the LED Street Light from Alert Lighting Company. Here’s why our solution stands out:

  1. LED Lighting Source: Cree-Xlamp XT-E
    • Max. efficacy at binning conditions: 178lm/w
    • Max. light output: 629lm
    • Max. power: 5W
    • Max. driving current up to 1500mA
    • Typical forward voltage: 2.85V@350mA
    • Binning and characterization in Tj=85
    • Size: 3.45*3.45mm
  2. Power Supply: Meanwell HLG Series
    • Constant voltage + constant current mode output
    • Metal housing with Class I design
    • Built-in active PFC function
    • Class 2 power unit
    • IP67 rating for outdoor installation
    • Function options: output adjustable via potentiometer; 3 in 1 dimming, Timer dimming
    • Typical lifetime >62000 hours
    • 7 years warranty
  3. Optics: Optical Assembly
    • Hermetically sealed, providing IP67 rating
    • Great light uniformity: Advanced LED optical systems maximize light utilization onto the target area, improving uniformity.
  4. Housing
    • Fishbone-style high-efficiency heat sink
    • Elegant appearance and modular design
    • Die-cast aluminum housing electrostatically sprayed with polyester powder paint finish
    • Anti-corrosion priming and oven-cured at 180°C.
  5. Module Design
    • Available in 30W/40W/45W/50W/60W for single module wattage, allowing customization for different requirements.
  6. Cable
    • Silicon rubber cable for power input, fastened with a screw in the cable gland.
  7. Warranty
    • Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year warranty covering the entire luminaire.
  8. Certification
    • ETL CE RoHS approval ensures compliance with industry standards.

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10. Installation:


Illuminate your streets with confidence and longevity. Choose Alert Lighting Company for high-performance LED street lighting. Call now: 262-895-6349

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