Gooseneck Post Top Light TP260&TP325

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IP66 Led Garden Path Light 20W 30W 50W 100W


  • Die-casting one forming radiator, hollow cooling structure, good heat dissipation.
  • Beautiful appearance, light beads with 140LM / W SOUL CSP lamp beads, the whole light efficiency 100LM / W.
  • Optional lens: TYPE IV
  • Using high-performance Meanwell power supply, warranty for 5 years.
  • IP65.


Mainly used for outdoor flood lighting, factories, sports venues, industrial lighting, architectural lighting and other places.


Model Color temperature Color rendering index Luminous flux Power Product Size / mm Light angle net weight
GD-TP260-W020-P-Y1-Zn 2700-7000K ≥70 1800 Lm 20W 240*286.6*340.7 90*140 3.6KG
GD-TP260-W035-P-Y1-Zn 2700-7000K ≥70 ≥3150 Lm 35 W 240*286.6*340.7 90*140 3.6KG
GD-TP325-W50-P-Y2-Zn 2700-7000K ≥70 ≥4500 Lm 50W 300*351.8*436.5 90*140 5.8KG
GD-TP325-W50-P-Y1-Zn 2700-7000K ≥70 ≥4500Lm 100 W 300*351.8*436.5 90*140 5.8KG
GD-TP325-W50-P-Y3-Zn 2700-7000K ≥70 ≥4500 Lm 50W 520.8*300*90 90*140 5.8KG
GD-TP325-W100-P-Y1-Zn 2700-7000K ≥70 ≥9700 Lm 100 W 520.8*300*90 90*140 5.8KG
GD-TP325-W100-P-Y2-Zn 2700-7000K ≥70 ≥9700 Lm 100W 542*300*90 90*140 5.8KG
GD-TP325-W100-P-Y3-Zn 2700-7000K ≥70 ≥9700 Lm 100 W 542*300*90 90*140 5.8KG
These products have the same electrical constructions in each type luminaire, differences among them are size, the number of led, led drever and input ratings.
“X”  can be  “P”  or  “NP”,  “P”  represents with  Photoelectric Switch,” NP”  represents without  Photoelectric  Switch. Y  represents LED driver, “n” can be “1”,”2”,”3”, “1” represents  SOSEN  driver employed,”2” represents  MEANWELL “HLG”  driver employed, “3” represents differents  MEANWELL   “HVG” driver employed.
Zn represents different support brackets. “n”  can be  “1”,”2”,”3”,, Z1  stands for regular vertical installation,Z2=AA3//A2A3/B3/C3/D3/E3/F3, Z3=AA4/A2A4  .
2700-7000K  ,Color temperature optional,,AC 90V~305V,Power Efficiency>95%,  Storage temperature: –40 ~ 85°C


Optical&Photometric Data

TYPE III 90*140°

TYPE V 120°

Base options:


Installation Precautions:

  • Before installation, please cut off the power and ensure that the installation site can withstand the weight of the lamp.
  • In order to prevent the lamp from falling off, make sure that the installation is correct.
  • Please do not cover any material on the lamp For safety, please take a good connection.
  • The lamp from the purchase date, the warranty for five years.
  • However, the breakdown, modification, or improper construction of this product is not covered by this warranty.


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