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Extension Arm

Elevate Safety and Versatility

Enhancing safety and functionality in various applications has never been easier than with our meticulously designed 60″ Extension Arm. Crafted with precision and built to deliver exceptional performance, this part is a game-changer for a wide range of scenarios.

Key Features:

Ample Reach for Enhanced Visibility: With a remarkable 60″ (1524mm) reach, this part provides extensive coverage, ensuring optimal lighting and visibility. Whether it’s a loading dock, construction site, or any other setting, this part has you covered.

High-Visibility and Rust-Resistance: Coated in a vibrant safety yellow powder finish, this not only promotes high visibility but also boasts excellent resistance to rust. This feature ensures long-lasting performance, even in challenging and outdoor environments.

Robust Anchoring for Stability: Comes equipped with a sturdy all-metal bracket and four 7/16″ mounting holes. This design isn’t just about anchoring; it’s about spreading weight effectively and transferring loads efficiently, ultimately enhancing stability and safety.

Durable Construction for Longevity: Crafted from 1-1/2″, 14-gauge square steel tubing, our extension arm is built to last. It offers the strength and durability needed to withstand the demands of various applications, ensuring reliability over time.

Effortless Installation: Setting this up is a breeze, thanks to the thoughtfully positioned mounting holes. They make the installation process secure, straightforward, and hassle-free, saving you time and effort.

Optimal Weight for Easy Handling: Weighing in at just 25 lbs, our extension arm strikes the perfect balance between sturdiness and ease of handling. Its lightweight design makes transportation and installation a convenient task.

Upgrade your safety standards and enhance the functionality of your workspace with our 60″ Extension Arm. Whether you’re seeking improved visibility in loading docks, construction sites, or any other application, this extension arm is your reliable solution. Its high-visibility finish, robust construction, and effortless setup make it an invaluable addition to your safety equipment lineup.

Invest in safety, stability, and peace of mind with our top-quality extension arm. Elevate your operations today and experience the difference that our meticulously designed 60″ Dock Light Extension can bring to your workplace.


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