Why Alert Lighting?

We simply manufacture and sell directly to you. Providing you with a high value, top quality product that is easy to self-install and easy to buy, direct. Because we are a true factory direct manufacturer, we have no sales outlets or dealers that ultimately add additional cost to our prices. At Alert Lighting Company, safety is the number one goal. We want to help you make your loading dock as safe as possible.

Our Mission

“To Improve the safety and quality of our product by making high quality LED Lights.” 

L.E.D. Efficiency

The high efficiency of the LED power supply can reduce the power loss. For example, an LED power supply with an output power of 150w, when the efficiency reaches 95%, the loss is 7.9w, when the efficiency is only 85%, the loss is 26.5w. High-efficiency power supply can prolong its service life, and its reliability will be greatly improved. If the LED power supply can achieve high efficiency, it can significantly reduce the working temperature of the LED lamps and delay the light decay.

Environmental Friendly

Combating light pollution has become a primary mission for many organizations such as the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). L.E.D.’s emit light patterns directly toward the desired illumination target and not into the sky. Furthermore, directionality aids in energy savings because energy isn’t being used to emit light beams that are trapped inside the fixture, thereby wasting lumens that are produced.

Low Electricity cost

L.E.D.’s directly fight these wastes: 21% of all energy (oil, gas, coal, nuclear) goes to lighting. 30% the largest single category, of all electricity is consumed by lighting. 7% of the 463 tons of mercury used annually or 32 tons is used to make high efficiency fluorescent lighting. Using L.E.D.’s produces environmentally sound benefits: Reduction of $125 billion spending on electricity over the period 2005-2025. 50% reduction in electricity use for lighting. 30% reduction in total electricity production, a savings of 3.5 quadrillion BTUs with elimination of approximately 115 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually

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