Warehouse Garage Low Bay 40w 60w 90w Led Canopy Light

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Gas Station Light For Warehouse Garage Low Bay 40w 60w 90w Led Canopy Light


  •  High efficiency >110LM/W.
  • Super bright Philips LED with little lumen decreases.
  • Tj<85℃,PF > 0.90
  • Long lifespan up to 50000hrs.
  • Mercury and lead-free, environment friendly.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance.
  • Fixture surfaces specially treated with anti-static, thermostable, and anti-corrosive paint.


  • Indoor & half-outdoor project lighting;  IP65
  • Suitable for workshop, factory, storage warehouse, toll station, toll booth, gas station, supermarkets, stadium, exhibition center,  and other places.


Model LED Type
LED Q’ty
Color Voltage Beam Angle Wattage Lumen (lm) IP factor
SPS354-CL1-42CW-4 Philips 3030 42 CW AC90-305V 145° 35W 4150 IP65
SPS354-CL1-42DW-4 DW 3900 IP65
SPS354-CL1-42NW-4 NW 4000 IP65
SPS354-CL1-42WW-4 WW 3400 IP65
SPS704-CL1-84CW-4 Philips 3030 84 CW AC90-305V 145° 70W 8000 IP65
SPS704-CL1-84DW-4 DW 7550 IP65
SPS704-CL1-84NW-4 NW 7850 IP65
SPS704-CL1-84WW-4 WW 6450 IP65

Products size and photometric:



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